Sydney Boys High School

Cleveland St, Moore Park NSW 2021

Diane Harapin
Director of Development

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Sydney Boys High School is an academically selective high school conducted by the NSW Department of Education.  The school was founded on October 1 1883 and moved to its current site at Moore Park in 1928.

The school has an enrolment of 1198 students. Boys come from all over Sydney to experience an all-round education. Virtually all boys go on to tertiary study at university. Academic expectations are very high. All boys participate in academic competitions.

We are a school recognised for nurturing scholarship, sportsman and other co-curricular activities in the visual and performing arts. Co-curricular and community activities play a large part in the overall development of our students. The School has a well-deserved reputation for academic excellence, co-curricular achievement and involvement in community service and social justice programs.

The school has been an early adaptor of social change.  This has been reflected through the national cultural and ethnic changes Australia has experienced during the school’s history.

High has been a member of the Athletic Association of the Great Public Schools (the GPS) since 1906. The school also competes in the combined high schools (CHSSA) knockout competitions as a foundation member since 1913.

We are a proud state school operating in a market dominated by the private schools.

The School has been a self-help institution for extracurricular activities since 1886. The Department of Education and Training does not contribute to these extracurricular activities which are so vital to a rounded education of our students. Since 1925 the School has relied on the Old Boys, Parents and Citizens Associations and The Sydney High School Foundation to provide assets, equipment and teaching support not supplied by the Department of Education.  The Sydney High School Foundation receives support to manage, administer and maintain the following: The Outterside Rowing centre, maintaining the Fairland Pavilion under licence, managing access to the playing fields “McKay oval” and fields in Centennial Park.

The Sydney High School Foundation

The Sydney High School Foundation Inc. was established on 23 January 1986.The membership of the Management Committee of the Foundation includes the Principal, Presidents of the SHS Old Boys Union and the School Parents & Citizens Association along with three nominees from each of these bodies..

Financial support for the School is directed through the Foundation.

Gifts to the Sydney High School Foundation

As we enhance the School’s giving culture, we stand poised to help maintain its vibrancy and status as the school of choice for current and future learners and educators. All gifts are gratefully received and will contribute to ensuring a strong future for High.

The Foundation’s current priority is to complete the Funding of the “Governors Centre” where we need to raise a further $3 million to underwrite our commitment to commence building. Our DA was approved on June 21 and detailed specifications and tenders are in process.

The Governors Centre is a Joint initiative of SBHS & SGHS to provide a multipurpose Cultural centre providing a 400 raked seat performance auditorium and multi-functional areas for the visual and performing arts


We are delighted to be able to offer the opportunity to support the School through the AIS USA Foundation